Colonies USI.5 Question Preview (ID: 40803)

First Colonies And Their Regions.

This colony was the first permanent colony in North America.
a) Jamestown
b) Plymouth
c) Georgia
d) Richmond

This colony became lost.
a) Jamestown
b) Plymouth
c) Roanoke
d) Massachusetts

This colony was started by those in debt.
a) Jamestown
b) Pennsylvania
c) Roanoke
d) Georgia

All of the following colonies were started for religious reasons except:
a) Jamestown
b) Massachusetts
c) Plymouth
d) Pennsylvania

This colonial region was known for ship building, skilled craftsmen, Boston Harbor, Cold Winters, and town meetings.
a) Southern
b) Mid-Atlantic
c) New England
d) Western

In which region would you find plantations with slaves and indentured servants?
a) Southern
b) Mid-Atlantic
c) New England
d) Mid Western

All three colonial regions had what geographical feature?
a) Deep Harbors
b) Rich Fertile land
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Rocky Coastline

They were craftsmen like blacksmiths, barrel makers, cobblers, and silversmiths who lived in towns or on plantations.
a) Farmers
b) Artisans
c) Slaves
d) Women

They worked as caretakers, homemakers, could not vote or gain much of an education.
a) Plantation owners
b) Women
c) Slaves
d) Farmers

Were men and women who did not have money for passage to the colonies and who agreed to work without pay for the person who paid for their passage Were free at the end of their contract.
a) Slaves
b) Local Farmers
c) Indentured Servants
d) Artisans

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