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The first European settlers in South Africa were from:
a) Holland
b) Portugal
c) Great Britain
d) Germany

Most slaves died of:
a) Beatings
b) Aids
c) Malaria
d) Poor nutrition

Under apartheid, South Africa was governed by:
a) The white minority
b) The black minority
c) The black majority
d) The white majority

Which of the following actions by the global community brought about changes in South African government policies?
a) War
b) Peaceful Non-violent Protests
c) Letters from political leaders
d) Europeans slow withdrawl due to World Wars

The policy of Apartheid was officially ended by:
a) Frederick W. de Klerk
b) Nelson Mandela
c) Hitler
d) Gandhi

Besides conquering large amounts of territory, Imperialism was most significant for:
a) Slavery
b) Creating a global economy of suppliers and consumers
c) Sharing of Religion
d) Athletics

South African government policy supported the Afrikaner belief in the superiority of:
a) Whites
b) Blacks
c) Europeans
d) Boers

The purpose of the African National Congress was to unite Africans to:
a) Observe other religions
b) Obey European rule
c) Support past laws
d) Fight Europeans non-violently

The Soweto Riots were called a turning point for South Africa because:
a) It changed Europeans belief of Africans
b) They forced European withdrawl
c) Whites joined the independence movement
d) Black leaders decided that violence was the only way to end apartheid

The British wanted to expand to Southern Africa because of:
a) Discoveries of gold and diamonds
b) Slavery
c) Relgious Growth
d) Beautiful Scenery

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