6th - First CBA Review Question Preview (ID: 40302)


The lack of economic production in Mexico is due to a lack of entrepeneurship.
a) False
b) True
c) blank
d) blank

What would be the best title for the following list: EDUCATION, ECONOMY, GOVERNMENT, RELIGION
a) institutions
b) interdependence
c) industries
d) economic indicator

A constitution is missing from most limited governments.
a) False
b) True
c) blank
d) blank

Why is it important to limit the rights of the government?
a) The rights of the government should never be limited.
b) To keep the government from taking or violating the rights of the people.
c) It is not important to limit the government's rights.
d) To ensure citizens are controlled by the government.

What has contributed to the culture diversity of the United States?
a) A rich history of immigration.
b) A lack of immigration.
c) Strict immigration laws.
d) The United States does not have culture diversity.

The customs and arts of a society is known as...
a) Culture
b) Multiculturalism
c) Culture diversity
d) Culture diffusion

Subsistence farming is...
a) Farming for economic gain.
b) Farming for large profits.
c) Farming with no assistance.
d) Farming for survival.

Cuba has a Communist government which means ___ holds the power.
a) the government
b) the people
c) the religious leaders
d) the children

Students of different races and cultures in one school is an example of....
a) Culture diversity
b) Culture diffusion
c) Culture clash
d) Culture distance

The colonization of North America led to this style of government in the United States.
a) Limited government
b) Monarchy
c) Unlimited government
d) Communism

Pokemon, Facebook, and Nintendo are examples of...
a) Culture diversity
b) Culture diffusion
c) Fun things to play with
d) Customs

My citizens will follow my religious beliefs or be thrown in jail. - This would likely be said in a ____
a) Monarchy
b) Republic
c) Democracy
d) Theocracy

Which of the following is a PULL FACTOR encouraging migration from Mexico to the United States?
a) uncontrolled violence
b) beautiful lakes
c) poverty
d) better economic opportunities

Cuba and the Dominican Republic both have Spanish as their primary language. This is best attributed to:
a) a history of colonization and immigration
b) they are both located in the Caribbean
c) none of these choices
d) Spanish was the primary language of the indigenous people

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