Fall Exam Review 3 Question Preview (ID: 40275)

Exam Review.

What type of government did Athens have?
a) representative democracy
b) oligarchy
c) direct democracy
d) monarchy

Who lead their army to conquer lands all the way to India
a) Alexander the Great
b) Phillip
c) Ramses the Great
d) Cyrus the Great

In Greece who can be a citizen?
a) free land owning slaves
b) free land owning native men
c) free land owning native men or women
d) free land owning people that live in that city

In the Epic story the Illiad the Greeks fight which group of people
a) Troy
b) Crete
c) Sparta
d) Persia

The idea of ruling with harsh strick punishments was called
a) Confucianism
b) Legalism
c) Daoism
d) Feudalism

The belief of living multiple lives
a) reincarnation
b) reunification
c) mummification
d) reembodiment

The social system in Ancient India was called the
a) caste
b) Buddhism
c) Hinduism
d) feudalism

The early cities in the Indus River Valley had
a) plumbing systems
b) standard sized bricks
c) grid patterned cities
d) all of these

Spells to help you reach the afterlife in Egypt
a) Book of Life
b) Book of the Dead
c) Book of Knowledge
d) Dead Sea Scrolls

Name of salt substance used in mummification in Egypt?
a) Natron
b) Ash
c) Embalming salt
d) Resin

After the weighing of the heart ceremony a person was accepted to the
a) underworld
b) Hades
c) tomb
d) Nirvana

What is the Egyptian writing system called?
a) Hieroglyphics
b) Cuneiform
c) Sanskrit
d) Pictographs

What is it called when you tame plants and animals?
a) technology
b) breaking
c) farming
d) domestication

The famous legal code of the Babylonians was written by
a) Neduchadnezzar
b) Gilgamesh
c) Hammurabi
d) Darius

Where did most early cities develop around?
a) rivers
b) ocean
c) other cities
d) islands

What revolution was probably the most important revolution in human history?
a) technology
b) Neolithic
c) American
d) Egyptian

How many years are there between 2000 BC and 400 BC?
a) 1600
b) 1700
c) 1500
d) 200

What are the 2 rivers around Mesopotamia?
a) Nile and Ganges
b) Indus and Ganges
c) Tigris and Euphrates
d) Yellow and Yangtez

Which date occurred first?
a) 125 AD
b) 1574 AD
c) 25 BC
d) 75 BC

Which date occured last?
a) 492 AD
b) 495 BC
c) 1500 AD
d) 2017 BC

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