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Energy Transfers.[print questions]

When a hawk eats a mouse and then uses the energy from the mouse to fly, the hawk’s body converts —
a) mechanical energy to chemical energy
b) thermal energy to mechanical energy
c) chemical energy to mechanical energy
d) mechanical energy to thermal energy

A hydroelectric power plant works by using flowing water to turn a turbine. The turbine is connected to a magnet inside of a generator. When the magnet turns inside of the generator, the coiled wire surrounding the magnet will generate....
a) Mechanical to electrical
b) Electrical to mechanical
c) Chemical to mechanical to electrical
d) Chemical to electrical

Heat transfers from:
a) Cooler to warmer objects
b) Warmer to cooler objects

Which scenario describes a transformation of thermal energy into chemical energy?
a) You turn on the heater in your car.
b) The UV light from the Sun causes a sunburn.
c) The Sun’s energy causes you to sweat.
d) The oven bakes dough into bread.

How does transfer of thermal energy by radiation differ from convection and conduction?
a) Convection and conduction transfer thermal energy through solids, liquids, or gases.
b) Radiation can transfer thermal energy through space in addition to solids, liquids, or gases.
c) Radiation requires direct contact between particles for thermal energy transfer.
d) Convection and conduction use currents to transfer thermal energy in solids, liquids, or gases.

Which best explains thermal energy transfer by conduction?
a) Metal spoon in hot water
b) The Sun warming the Earth
c) Air warming above a radiator in a room
d) Warming hand next to a fire

What energy transformation occurs when a hot plate is plugged into the outlet and the control knob is in the on position?
a) Thermal energy to electrical energy
b) Electrical energy to thermal energy
c) Thermal energy to mechanical energy
d) Mechanical energy to thermal energy

Which of the following energy transformations occur when the lamp is plugged into the outlet and the bulb is inserted into the lamp?
a) Thermal to Electrical to Light
b) Electrical to Thermal to Light
c) Light to Thermal to Electrical
d) Electrical to Light to Thermal

When you see arrows forming a current on a picture with a fluid or air heating, rising, cooling, and coming back down....what form of heat transfer is this?
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation

States that energy is neither created or destroyed; it only changes forms.
a) Law of conservation of energy
b) Heat (thermal) energy
c) Energy

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