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Review Of Geography And American Indians.[print questions]

Why did the Pueblo Indians live in adobe homes made of mud and straw?
a) They preferred this type of dwelling to log homes.
b) The material to build this type of dwelling was readily available in the environment.
c) This type of dwelling could withstand the fierce hurricanes that were common to this area.
d) It did not bother them to leave a mud dried brick home when they moved from place to place.

Which body of water provided exploration routes for the French and Spanish to explore Mexico and other parts of America?
a) James River
b) Mississippi River
c) Colorado River
d) Gulf of Mexico

Which group of American Indians lived in northern Canada and parts of Alaska?
a) Lakota
b) Pueblo
c) Apache
d) Inuit

Jagged mountain tops covered in snow can be found in which region of the United States?
a) Coastal Plain
b) Appalachian Lowlands
c) Great Basin and Range
d) Rocky Mountains

Cactus Hill is an important discovery about the...
a) site of the Kwakiutl homeland.
b) early humans in North America.
c) first settlement in Jamestown.
d) early trading markets with Europe.

Which First American group lived in adobe dwellings?
a) Lakota
b) Pueblo
c) Iroquois
d) Kwakiutl

Which United States region contains the Continental Divide?
a) Basin and Range
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Interior Lowlands
d) Canadian Shield

A log cabin nestled upon a mountain is most likely located in which region of the United States?
a) Appalachian Highlands
b) Interior Lowlands
c) Great Plains
d) Coastal Plains

What region of the United States had the greatest amount of grasslands?
a) Great Plains
b) Appalachian Highlands
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Basin and Range

Which type of American Indian tribe were the men from that Cabot transformed into Englishmen?
a) Lakota
b) Iroquois
c) Inuit
d) Pueblo

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