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Vocab 1st.[print questions]

Slightly wet.
a) dimple
b) damp
c) dusty
d) doggy

Eww, that's yucky.
a) nimble
b) number
c) news
d) nasty

You fall for everything.
a) good
b) gullible
c) green
d) goat

Hmm, that doesn't seem right.
a) savage
b) sandwich
c) suspicious
d) sink

No mistakes.
a) perfect
b) piggy
c) pat
d) puppy

You can do lots of things well.
a) vacuum
b) visitor
c) versatile
d) victor

What is the name of our school
a) Hairytown Elementary
b) Horrible Elementary
c) Havencroft Elementary
d) Happy Elementary

Who is your school librarian?
a) Mrs. Cake
b) Mrs. Cat
c) Mrs. Crazy
d) Mrs. Case

Who is your principal
a) Mr. Miller
b) Mr. Magnificent
c) Mr. Mouse
d) Mr. Minecraft

How many 1st grade teachers are there at Havencroft?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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