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SW Asia Government.

What type of citizen participation does Israel have?
a) oligarchy
b) presidential democracy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) autocratic monarchy

What type of government does Turkey currently have?
a) Presidential democracy
b) oligarchy
c) autocratic
d) parliamentary democracy

What type of government will Turkey have in 2019?
a) presidential democracy
b) oligarchy
c) autocracy
d) parliamentary democracy

Who is the head of government in Israel?
a) President
b) King
c) Prime MInister
d) Knesset

Which Southwest Asian country is an autocracy?
a) Turkey
b) Israel
c) Saudi Arabia
d) United States

Why do the individual voters have more power in a democracy than they do in an autocracy?
a) all of the power stays in the hands of the local government
b) the voters get to choose the people who make the laws
c) kings are always mean leaders
d) voters in democratic countries ALWAYS choose qualified leaders

What is Shariah law?
a) laws based on parliamentary democracy
b) laws based on the teachings of the Qur'an
c) laws made by the king alone
d) laws calling for a separation of church and state

In which Southwest Asian country do male citizens have to be 21 years or older to vote?
a) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
b) Country of Kuwait
c) State of Israel
d) Islamic Republic of Iran

Who makes most of the important governmental decisions in an autocracy?
a) the ruler
b) the people
c) the court system
d) the legislature

How long does a monarch rule in their country?
a) As long as parliament allows them to rule
b) For a term of 10 years
c) For a term of 6 years, and then can be elected again
d) For life, until he dies or chooses to give up power

Saudi Arabia is ruled by a
a) representative government
b) popularly elected government
c) group of leading religious leaders
d) a king who makes the decisions

Who is allowed to vote in Israeli elections?
a) all citizens 16 years of age or older
b) all citizens 18 years of age or older
c) only men who are 16 years of age or older
d) only men born in Israel who are 18 years or older

Who did the citizens vote for in Turkey?
a) the president and legislature
b) the president and prime minister
c) the prime minister and legislature
d) the legislature and king

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