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Section 6.3 Practice Questions.

Which type of nuclear decay causes the ejection of two protons and two neutrons from the nucleus of an atom?
a) alpha
b) beta
c) gamma
d) delta

Which type of radiation consists of electromagnetic waves of extremely high frequency and energy?
a) alpha
b) beta
c) gamma
d) delta

What is a measure of the rate of radioactive decay?
a) half-life
b) neutron number
c) quantum number
d) critical mass

Each row of the periodic table is a ?
a) group
b) period
c) series
d) block

The first column of the periodic table contains the ?
a) alkaline earth metals
b) noble gasses
c) transition metals
d) alkali metals

The process that occurs when an atom splits into two smaller atoms is nuclear ?
a) fusion
b) reaction
c) fission
d) decay

Valence electrons are in the ? electron shell.
a) d
b) outermost
c) largest
d) closest

Most of the elements are hard, dense, shiny solids called
a) metals
b) medals
c) peddles
d) kettles

Graphite and diamond are forms of
a) crystals
b) compounds
c) ionic structure
d) carbon

The principle that most atoms tend to react to obtain eight valence electrons is the ?
a) double quartet rule
b) octet rule
c) valence rule
d) rule of 8

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