Unit 7 Review Question Preview (ID: 39635)

SN Unit 7 Review.

How did the Five Iron Men do in the 1943 Mason-Dixon Conference Basketball Championship tournament?
a) Lost in the first game.
b) Lost in the championship game.
c) Won in the championship game.
d) Disqualified for changing in the hallway.

In the 1943 Mason-Dixon Conference Basketball Championship tournament, the Gallaudet team was ranked...
a) First
b) Last
c) Second
d) Unranked

What is a habit you should make when leaving a room?
a) Leave the room with your head down.
b) Walk around and say goodbye to every person in the room.
c) Scan the room and sign BYE to those who make eye contact.
d) Fist-bump or shake everyone's hand.

How should you sign the year 2004?
a) 20-04
b) 2-0-0-4
c) 2-00-4
d) 200-4

The American Athletic Association of the Deaf is now known as...
a) the U.S. Deaf Sports Federation.
b) the National Association of the Deaf.
c) the American Athletic Association of the Deaf.
d) the Pan-American Games for the Deaf Foundation.

After establishing a thriving U.S. Deaf sports organization, Arthur Kruger's next focus was...
a) the international Deaf sports scene.
b) Deaf members in the WWE.
c) a bigger online presence for Deaf sports clubs.
d) expanding the reach of AARP.

Which of the following is NOT true about Arthur Kruger?
a) He graduated from Gallaudet College.
b) He was a sports journalist.
c) He was one of the Five Iron Men.
d) He was U.S. Team Director for the Deaf World Games.

What was Arthur Kruger's passion?
a) Sports
b) Art
c) Education
d) ASL

Arthur Kruger was known as...
a) the father of the American Athletic Association of the Deaf.
b) the father of the National Association of the Deaf.
c) the father of the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.
d) the father of the Pan-American Games for the Deaf.

What should you sign just before signing 'PICK-UP'?
a) The tense.
b) The Wh-question.
c) The person who is being picked up.
d) The vehicle that is used for transporting.

Which item is NOT described as if you were wearing it?
a) Scarf
b) Coat
c) Glasses
d) Sweater

When signing the year 1986, which option is correct?
a) 1-9-86
b) 19-86
c) 19-86
d) 1-9-8-6

The ASL signs 'drive-to', 'to-take', and 'pick-up' are considered...
a) compound signs.
b) agreement verbs.
c) noun-verb pairs.
d) time/tense signs.

In the sentence, 'The school has a gym.', what does 'has' mean?
a) To be obligated or required
b) Not yet
c) To exist or be present
d) Have done

What should you sign for 'have' in the sentence, 'I do not have a backpack.'?

Which sign should you use for the word 'have', when signing, 'I have been to New York.'?

Which sign should you use to sign 'have' in the sentence, 'I haven't told Jose.'?

When describing items that are not present, what should your description move from?
a) Specific to general
b) General to specific
c) Zippers to color
d) Pockets to size

Where should you describe a purse or bag?
a) Neutral space
b) On your body
c) On your dominant side
d) On your non-dominant side

Where should you describe glasses?
a) On yourself
b) On the person you're signing to
c) In neutral space
d) Only on your dominant side

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