Evolution Question Preview (ID: 39524)

8th Grade 1st Marking Period.

One species evolves into another trough the process of
a) speciation
b) adaptation
c) fossil
d) trait

A group of similar organisms that can mate with one another to produce offspring is known as a
a) fossil
b) trait
c) species
d) mutation

A(n) _____________ helps an organism survive better in its environment
a) adaptation
b) vestigial structure
c) mutation
d) selection

___________ is the process by which populations change over time.
a) natural selection
b) selective breeding
c) mutation
d) evolution

In _______________ humans select traits that will be passed from one generation to another.
a) selective breeding
b) natural selection
c) mutation
d) speciation

A change in a gene at the DNA level is called a ______________.
a) trait
b) mutation
c) fossil
d) structure

Although Darwin did not realize it, the variations he observed among the individuals of a population of finches were caused by
a) genetic resistance
b) mutations
c) fossils
d) selective breeeding

The theory of evolution combines the principles of
a) natural selection and artificial selection
b) Natural selection and genetic resistance
c) selective breeding and genetic inheritance
d) natural selection and genetic inheritance

Fossils are commonly found in
a) sedimentary rock
b) igneous rock
c) granite
d) loose sand or granite

A human's arm, a cat's front leg, a dolphin's front flipper, and a bat's wing
a) have similar kinds of bones
b) are used in similar ways
c) share many similarities with insect wings and jellyfish tentacles.
d) have nothing in common

The fact that all organisms have DNA as their genetic material is evidence that
a) natural selection occurred
b) all organisms descended from a common ancestor
c) selective breeding takes place everyday
d) genetic resistance rarelly occurs

What body part of the Galapagos finches appears to have been most modified by natural selection
a) their webbed feet
b) their beaks
c) the bone structure of their wings
d) the color of their eyes

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