Stars, Galaxies, And The Universe Review 3 Question Preview (ID: 39172)

Review For Final Test.

What is conservation of angular momentum?
a) As a spinning mass reduces its size, it will spin faster
b) As a spinning mass enlarges its size, it will spin slower
c) As a mass flattens into a disc shape it will stop spinning
d) As a mass flattens, particles smash into each other

Where were elements heavier than iron (Fe, atomic number 26) formed?
a) In supernovae explosions
b) during the Big Bang
c) During nuclear fusion
d) other planets

How does the nebular theory describe the formation of the solar system?
a) A cloud of spinning gas and dust condensed and formed the Sun and planets
b) A star exploded and created the planets we have today
c) Giant asteroids collided breaking off parts that become the Sun and planets
d) Chunks of matter from the Big Bang blasted into space and formed it.

What causes matter to contract and come back together again?
a) gravity and inertia
b) supernovae
c) nuclear fusion
d) the big bang

Name three principle elements of life that are made in stars?
a) Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen
b) berylium, neon, oxygen
c) oxygen, argon nitrogen
d) potassium, silicon, carbon

How did our universe become filled with clumps of stuff like planets, suns, and galaxies?
a) Gravity
b) Heat left over from the big bang
c) it was always there
d) inflation

What factor affects the color of a star?
a) Temperature
b) Luminosity
c) size
d) distance

What type of star is about 1.4 times the mass of the Sun, has a strong magnetic field, and a very fast spin?
a) Neutron Star
b) Red Dwarf
c) Main Sequence
d) White dwarf

What is the color of stars with the lowest surface temperature?
a) red/brown
b) blue/white
c) Yellow/red
d) Yellow/white

What is the color of stars with the highest surface temperatures?
a) Blue white
b) Yellow/White
c) Yellow/Red
d) Red/brown

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