Stars, Galaxies, And The Universe Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 39171)

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Imaginary patterns of stars in the sky; usually named based on mythology
a) Constellations
b) The Doppler Effect
c) Circumpolar Constellations
d) Parallax

The apparent change in the frequency of a wave caused by relative motion between the source of the wave and the observer
a) The Doppler Effect
b) Parallax
c) Absolute Magnitude
d) Apparent Magnitude

Solar particles flowing out from the Sun regularly
a) Solar wind
b) Sunspots
c) Parallax
d) Apparent magnitude

The surface of the Sun is called
a) the photosphere
b) the corona
c) the chromosphere
d) the prominence

Cool regions of the Sun's surface
a) Sunspots
b) prominences
c) solar flares
d) Coronal Mass Ejections

A bright, gaseous, and loop shaped feature that is anchored to the photosphere of the Sun
a) Prominence
b) Solar Flare
c) Coronal Mass Ejection
d) Sunspot

A large emission from the Sun which can affect technology on Earth
a) Coronal Mass Ejection
b) Prominence
c) Sunspot
d) Solar Flare

When a star is moving away from Earth, the wavelength of its light _________.
a) lengthens
b) shortens
c) starts moving
d) stops moving

When a star is moving towards the Earth, the wavelength of its light
a) shortens
b) Lengthens
c) Stops Moving
d) Starts moving

Most of the stars in the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram are classified as which type of stars?
a) Main sequence
b) White dwars
c) Red Giants
d) Blue Giants

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