Stars, Galaxies, And The Universe Review 1 Question Preview (ID: 39170)

A Review In Preparation For Final Test. Subjects Include HR Diagram, EM Spectrum, Star Life Cycle, Nebular Theory, And Galaxy Types.[print questions]

Our solar system is located where in the Milky Way galaxy?
a) Toward the outside of the arms
b) Halfway out from the center
c) In the center of the galaxy
d) Just outside the galaxy

What is parallax?
a) A measure of the brightness of a star as it appears from Earth
b) The apparent change in position of an object when you look at it from different places
c) How bright a star would be if viewed from a standard distance from Earth
d) Constellations that are visible all year long and that seem to move around the north star

What is red shift?
a) moving away, wavelength lengthens, appears slightly more red
b) moving towards, wavelength shortens, appears slightly more red
c) moving towards, wavelength lengthens, appears more red
d) A new dance move

What element is fuel for nuclear fusion during the red giant stage of a star?
a) Helium
b) Hydrogen
c) Gold
d) Lead

What element is the fuel for nuclear fusion during the main sequence of a star's life cycle?
a) Hydrogen
b) Helium
c) Oxygen
d) Carbon

Our Sun is considered to be a ___________ star
a) Main sequence
b) Red Giant
c) White Dward
d) Blue giant

What waves have the shortest wavelengths and are the most dangerous?
a) Gamma rays
b) Microwaves
c) Radio Waves
d) Infrared Waves

What waves have the longest wavelength and are the least dangerous?
a) Radio waves
b) Infrared Waves
c) Gamma Rays
d) Microwaves

How bright a star appears to be when viewed from Earth
a) Apparent Magnitude
b) Absolute Magnitude
c) Parallax
d) Solar wind

Constellations that are visible all year long and that seem to move around the north star
a) Circumpolar Constellations
b) Constellations
c) Parallax
d) Doppler Effect

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