Chapter 1 Review: Factors That Shaped The Renaissance. Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 39158)

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City -states: Which city-state was known as the cultural center?
a) What is Milan?
b) What is Florence?
c) What is Genoa?
d) What is Venice?

Urbanization and Trade: Autonomous City with a large population and a lot of wealth.
a) What is St. Albert?
b) What is a city-state?
c) What is Italie?
d) What is popolo grasso?

Florence, the merchant class was called __________.
a) What is popolo munito?
b) What is popolo grasso?
c) What is popolo magro?
d) What is popolo brutto?

Scuole were organized according to country of origin or _________.
a) What is social status?
b) What is occupation?
c) What is hair colour?
d) What is nobility?

City-states : Florence was controlled by the family.
a) Who are the Medicici?
b) Who are the Medici?
c) Who are the Fibonacci?
d) Who are the Flying Meatballs?

City-states: Most of the commerce in this city-state was based on the transport of pilgrims to the Holy Land.
a) What is Venise?
b) What is Milan?
c) What is Florence?
d) What is Genoa?

Milan, Venice, Genoa and Florence
a) Where are places you can drive fast on narrow streets?
b) Where meatballs fall from the sky?
c) -What are city-states?
d) What are city-nations?

The city states: Most city-states had this form of government.
a) What is a republic?
b) What is a despot?
c) What is a oligarchie?
d) What is a fun time?

Regions known by Europeans during the Renaissance were North Africa, China, India and __________.
a) What is the Mayan Empire?
b) What is the Middle East?
c) What is Japan?
d) What is the Roman Empire?

These people visit Sacred/Holy places and discovered other cultures, ideas and knowledge and brought these ideas home.
a) Who are the Crusaders?
b) Who are the Pilgrims?
c) Who are tourists?
d) Who are the followers?

This path has allowed the exchange of goods between Europe and Asia.
a) What is the Rocky Road?
b) What is the Silk Road?
c) What is the Silky Road?
d) There was a road? I bet it was more of a dusty path.

Using Greco-Roman texts about astronomy, Muslims have created this instrument.
a) What is a the Space shuttle. ?
b) What is a telescope?
c) What is a compas?
d) What is the astrolabe?

Silk, porcelain, spices and paper are examples of ________ products during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
a) What are luxury?
b) What are shiny?
c) What are everyday?
d) What are Asian?

Apart from ideas and knowledge, caravans also transmitted __________.
a) What are pirated copies of Game of Thrones?
b) What are diseases?
c) What are silk worms?
d) What are people?

Towards the Renaissance: What animals have infected humans with the bubonic plague?
a) What are rats and fleas?
b) What is puss from boils in arm puts?
c) What are evil wolf packs from the north?
d) What are cats?

Towards the Renaissance: The Black Death arrived in Europe on board a boat from this region of the Black Sea.
a) What? There is a Black Sea?
b) What the Crimini?
c) What is Constantinople?
d) What the Crimea?

Towards the Renaissance: What is the next number in the following Fibonacci following: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, _______?
a) What is 10?
b) What is 34?
c) What is 35?
d) What is a banana?

Towards the Renaissance The following _________ sequence allows architects to build buildings with harmonious lines.
a) Answer: What is Medici?
b) What is Spaghetti sequence? Mmmm
c) What is Pisano sequence?
d) What is Fibonacci?

Towards the Renaissance: What Arabic numeral in particular has facilitated the calculation for traders?
a) What is zero?
b) What is two?
c) What is one billion dollars
d) What is a number?

Urbanization and Trade Increasing the number of very rich merchant gave birth to this new class.
a) What is the rich class?
b) What is the upper class?
c) What is the first class?
d) What is the merchant class?

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