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The chromosomes are located in the _________
a) cytoplasm
b) vacuoles
c) nucleus
d) nucleolus

microscope that has 2 sets of lenses and uses light
a) compound light microscope
b) microscope
c) simple microscope
d) stereoscope

moves materials around the cell
a) lysosomes
b) mitochondria
c) cytoplasm
d) endoplasmic reticulum

protects the plant cell
a) cell membrane
b) cell wall
c) cell theory
d) cell

A cell in which a virus multiplies itself is a(n) _______________.
a) host
b) infection
c) lysosome
d) parasite

Enclosing normal hereditary material in a virus and allowing it to move into cells to replace defective hereditary material in the treatment of genetic disorders is a form of_________.
a) replication
b) a vaccine
c) gene thereapy
d) latent virus

A(n) ______enters a cell and becomes part of the cell's hereditary material without destroying the cell or replicating itself
a) active virus
b) latent virus
c) gene
d) chloroplast

A solution made from weakened virus particles that prevents viral diseases is a _______
a) vaccine
b) gene thereapy
c) lysosome
d) Golgi body

allows certain materials to move into and out of the cell
a) Cell wall
b) Cell theory
c) Cell Membrane
d) cytoplasm

a group of organs working together to perform a certain function
a) cell
b) tissue
c) organ
d) organ system

The pigment in plants that captures light energy and produces sugar molecules for food is_________.
a) Chloroplasts
b) cytoplasm
c) chlorophyll
d) cellulose

The ______ is the gelatin like material inside the cell membrane
a) chromatin
b) mitochondria
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) cytoplasm

Proteins are made in small, two-part structures called______
a) chloroplasts
b) lysosomes
c) Golgi Bodies
d) ribosomes

Cells in a many-celled organism all_________.
a) have similar shapes
b) are about the same size
c) work together to keep the organism alive
d) perform similar functions

Structures made up of different types of tissues that work together that work together are called_____
a) organelles
b) organ systems
c) organs
d) organisms

structures that can store food, water, and waste products in cells are called_____
a) vacuoles
b) choloroplasts
c) mitochondria
d) lysosomes

Organelles that packages cellular substances for export are_______.
a) ribsomes
b) lysosomes
c) golgi bodies
d) chloroplasts

The chemical that contains the code for the cell's structure and activities is________
a) chlorophyll
b) RNA
c) antiviral
d) DNA

________ are created by the body to fight a virus
a) antibiotics
b) antibodies
c) vaccine
d) gene thereapy

All cells contain a nucleus
a) True
b) False

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