The Run To WWII #3 Question Preview (ID: 38952)

The Third Installment Of This Series, It Discusses The Events That Lead Up To World War II.[print questions]

This law allowed the United States to begin an peace time draft for the miltiary.
a) American Military Act
b) Selective Service Act
c) Peacetime Draft Act of 1935
d) War Mobilization Act

The people that felt the United States should become involved in World War II belonged to this school of thought...
a) War Hawks
b) Isolationists
c) Europeanists
d) Interventionists

The French leader who followed a policy of appeasement with Germany.
a) Neville Chamberlain
b) Winston Churchill
c) Premier Edouard Daladier
d) Francisco Franco

The school of thought that believed the United States should stay out of World War II was called...
a) Interventionism
b) Appeasementism
c) Isolationism
d) Anti-Europeans

At the beginning of WWII, these countries were called the Allied Powers...
a) Germany and France
b) Italy and Great Britain
c) United States and Great Britain
d) Great Britain and France

This agreement between the US and Great Britain laid out the plans for a post-WWII world.
a) United Nations Charter
b) Post War Charter
c) The Alliance Agreement of 1941
d) Atlantic Charter

The policy of giving in to others so you do not get into conflicts is called...
a) Isoloationism
b) Appeasement
c) Interventionism
d) Avoidancism

These series of laws were enacted to try and keep the United States out of World War II
a) Neutrality Acts
b) Isolationist Acts
c) Lend -Lease Act
d) End War Now Acts (EWN Acts)

This person was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II.
a) Adolf Hitler
b) Neville Chamberlain
c) Josef Stalin
d) Winston Churchill

At the beginning of WWII, these countries were called the Axis Powers...
a) France and Great Britain
b) Italy, France, and Germany
c) Germany, Japan, and Italy
d) Great Britain, Italy, and Japan

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