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Chapter 4 Lesson 4.[print questions]

What is another name for the French and Indian War?
a) World War I
b) World War II
c) Seven Year War
d) Civil War

The name of the fort built in the Ohio River Valley by the French is called
a) Fort Necessity
b) Fort Duquesne
c) Iron Fort
d) Fort Washington

General Braddock had an assistant general, his name was
a) General Washington
b) General Lee
c) General Smith
d) General Grant

The French and Indian War included the
a) Spanish, Native Americans, and French
b) French, British, and Native Americans
c) America and Great Britian
d) America and Spanish

Native Americans died in this small war started by Metacom, it lead to the French Indian War
a) Revolutionary War
b) French and Indian War
c) King Philip's War
d) Wampanoag War

George Washington was a leader for for which country during the French Indian War?
a) America
b) France
c) England
d) Spain

Colonists accepted Native American support but all they really wanted was their
a) food
b) animals
c) land
d) weapons

The land the British and French fought over was the
a) Canada
b) Ohio River Valley
c) the colonies
d) England

This blocked colonists from settling in land west of the Appalachian Mountains
a) Proclamation of 1763
b) mountains
c) Treaty of Paris
d) Native Americans

What was a direct result of the outcome of the French and Indian War? Many Native Americans died.
a) King Philip's War
b) Pontiac's Rebellion
c) Proclamation of 1763
d) None of the above

This can be considered a climax or turning point in the French Indian War
a) Iroquois joined the British side
b) capturing fort Necessity
c) General Washington dying in battle
d) Proclamation of 1763

What is an ally?
a) a narrow street
b) a metal used to make coins
c) a military partner
d) an enemy

What General was sent by the British and was eventually killed by French soldiers?
a) General Washington
b) General Grant
c) General Gage
d) General Braddock

A formal agreement between two countries is a ....
a) contract
b) pact
c) treaty
d) proclamation

Fort Duquesne was guarded so GW decided not to attack, instead they built their own Fort called
a) Fort Washington
b) Iron Fort
c) Fort Necessity
d) Fort Duquesne

What helped turn the tide of the war in favor of the British?
a) England sending more troops
b) more food and clothing
c) better generals
d) more ammo

The colonists were unhappy about the Proclamation of 1763 because
a) they couldn't trade with other countries
b) they couldn't practice their own religion
c) they couldn't own slaves
d) they couldn't move west of the Appalachian mountains which they fought for

Who won the French and Indian War?
a) The French
b) The Native Americans
c) The British
d) The Spanish

During the first couple of years of war, the British lost many major battles:
a) True
b) False

The ___________ had better relationships with the Native Americans
a) French
b) British
c) colonists
d) Spanish

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