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Questions About Queen Esther From The Book Of Esther.[print questions]

The story of Esther takes place during the reign of king
a) Xerxes
b) Charles
c) Solomon
d) David

King Xerxes needed a new queen because
a) the queen died
b) he was never married
c) he banished the queen
d) the queen ran away

The first queen's name was
a) Haman
b) Mary
c) Esther
d) Vashti

Mordecai was Esther's
a) father
b) uncle
c) brother
d) cousin

The young ladies spent how much time preparing for the beauty contest?
a) 6 weeks
b) 12 weeks
c) 12 months
d) 6 months

The young ladies were looked after by
a) Hegai
b) Haman
c) Esther
d) Mordecai

The book of Esther is in the
a) Old Testament
b) New Testament
c) Other

Who saved the king from the plot against him?
a) Hegai
b) Mordecai
c) Haman
d) Vashti

What did Esther hide about herself
a) Her face
b) That she liked Justin Bieber
c) That she was Jewish
d) That she was afraid of the king

What is the name of the festival that Jewish people still celebrate to commemorate being saved from the plot of Haman?
a) Passover
b) Rosh Hashanah
c) Yom Kippur
d) Purim

What was the name of Esther's cousin?
a) Mordecai
b) Vashti
c) Haman
d) Xerxes

Why did Xerxes want to reward Mordecai?
a) He gave the king good advice.
b) He was the strongest man in the kingdom.
c) He saved the king's life.
d) He was Esther's cousin

Why was Haman upset with Mordecai?
a) Mordecai owed him money.
b) Mordecai stole his lunch money.
c) Mordecai wouldn't bow to him.
d) Mordecai was wealthier than Haman

What decree did Haman convince Xerxes to sign?
a) Free meals for life.
b) A pension for Haman.
c) That every Jew was to be killed.
d) That Ester would no longer be queen.

Why is it ironic that Xerxes chose Esther just for her beauty?
a) She outsmarted all of the men in the story.
b) She was prettier than Vashti.
c) She shaved her head as soon as they were married.
d) She was a fierce warrior.

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