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Federalists were concerned that without strong national government this would triumph
a) extralegal trade
b) anarchy
c) embargoes
d) socialism

Anti federalists believed this was necessary in order to support the Constitution
a) anarchy
b) interstate commerce
c) strong national government
d) a Bill of Rights

The original 13 colonies were established and governed by
a) England
b) France
c) Spain
d) West Africa

A government in which people elect delegates to make laws is called
a) a limited government
b) an autocratic government
c) a representative democracy
d) a direct democracy

The Magna Carta was important because it
a) was America's first legislature
b) separated church and state
c) established limited government
d) gave power to the colonies

This man wrote the original draft of the Declaration of Independence
a) Sam Adams
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Ben Franklin
d) Abraham Lincoln

The Articles of Confederation went into effect in 1781 after all thirteen states
a) ceded them
b) inspected them
c) amended them
d) ratitified them

This man wrote the textbook of the American Revolution
a) Ben Franklin
b) George Washigton
c) JOhn Adamas
d) John Locke

Signed in 1620 by the Pilgrims, this colonial plan for self rule was called
a) the Mayflower Compact
b) the Magna Carta
c) the Bill of Rights
d) the Petition of Rights

The fundamental reason the colonists revolted was because
a) of the Stamp Act
b) the French and Indian War
c) of taxation without representation
d) of the Mayflower Compact

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