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7) A force is described as...
a) a push only
b) a pull only
c) a push or pull
d) none of the above

A duck flies 60 meters in 10 seconds. What is the duck's speed?
a) 600 m/s
b) 50 m/s
c) 70 m/s
d) 6 m/s

A change in position
a) motion
b) force
c) inertia
d) speed

11) The moon has a smaller gravitational pull than the Earth. If you were able to travel to the moon your weight would...
a) increase
b) decrease
c) stay the same
d) vary from day to night

14) What is the greatest force acting on a dropped book that falls to the floor?
a) gravity
b) air resistance
c) friction
d) inertia

17) A change to an objects motion is caused by...
a) Balanced Forces
b) Unbalanced forces
c) Acceleration
d) velocity

19) Which one of the following objects has the greatest inertia?
a) ping pong ball
b) a golf ball
c) a soft ball
d) a bowling ball

20) Describe the motion of a person not wearing a seat belt if the car stops suddenly.
a) a. The person and car will stop together.
b) b. The person will stop faster than the car because they are lighter.
c) c. The car will stop and the person will keep moving forward because of inertia.
d) d. The car will stop and the person will speed up.

When you walk across the ground and push on it with your feet...
a) a. There is no effect on the ground.
b) b. The ground pushes back less strongly than your feet.
c) c. The ground pushes back more strongly than your feet.
d) d. The ground pushes back on your feet with equal force.

A horizontal slope on a distance-time graph means
a) the object has constant forward speed
b) the object has constant backwards speed
c) the object is not moving
d) the object is accelerating

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