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Grammar Review.[print questions]

She is _____ hungry to go on with her piles of work.
a) very
b) too
c) so
d) extremely

She doesn't like Spanish _____ she has to study the language.
a) but
b) so
c) when
d) though

She was _____ tired that she couldn't do anything at all.
a) very
b) such
c) too
d) so

Nobody understands what he says, _____
a) doesn't he?
b) do they?
c) don't they?
d) does he?

Have some more tea, _____
a) will you?
b) don't you?
c) shan't you?
d) could you?

_____ she is not happy, she always tries to smile.
a) And
b) So
c) However
d) Although

Jeff has to walk to school, so he wishes he _____ a bicycle.
a) will have
b) shall have
c) had
d) has

There were _____ beautiful flowers that I couldn't decide what to buy.
a) so little
b) so much
c) so few
d) so many

It is important that she _____ what you say.
a) understood
b) understands
c) understand
d) has understood

She _____ that they go to Pazza for a drink.
a) recommended
b) says
c) said
d) recommends

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