Enlightenment And Revolution Review Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 38353)

Test 2.

________________________ spread the ideas of the Enlightenment through the publication of his Encyclopedia.
a) Locke
b) Rousseau
c) Descartes
d) Diderot

With which of the following would an Enlightenment thinker MOST agree?
a) The right to rule comes from God
b) A strong military government is needed to keep the people in line
c) The only important part of society is its economy
d) The right to rule comes from the consent of the people

This term ___________________ means to let the people do what they want, which was a doctrine of Adams Smith.
a) communism
b) laisses faire
c) socialism
d) totalitarianism

The writers and philosophers of the Enlightenment believed the government decisions should be based on...
a) Fundamental religious beliefs
b) Traditional values
c) laws of nature and reason
d) the concept of divine rights of kings

Which of the following is known for discovering that the orbits of the planets were elliptical, not circular?
a) Kepler
b) Galileo
c) Newton
d) Locke

________________________ was known for the creation of rationalism and his statement I think, therefore I am.
a) Rousseau
b) Descartes
c) Darwin
d) Locke

The french word _____________________ meant philosopher or Enlightened Thinker.
a) logician
b) theorist
c) philosophe
d) wise person

During the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, one similarity in the work of many scientists and philosophers was that they...
a) Relied heavily on the ideas of medieval thinkers
b) Favored an absolute monarchy as a way of improving economic conditions
c) Received support from the Catholic Church
d) Examined natural laws governing universes

Writers of the Enlightenment were primarily interested in...
a) Supporting the divine right theory
b) Changing the relationship between people and their government
c) Debating the role of the church in society
d) Promoting increased power for European monarchs

The idea that man is born equal with natural rights and that it is the government's job to protect those rights are prominent in the Declaration of Independence. That document was based MOST on the ideas of...
a) Montesquie
b) Locke
c) Darwin
d) Machiavellis

What was the Severn Years' War called in North America?
a) Glorious Revolution
b) Thirty Years' War
c) French and Indian War
d) English Civil War

Which of the following documents was MOST influenced by the ideas of Montesquieu?
a) The Bill of Rights
b) The Constitution
c) The Declaration of Independence
d) The Articles of Confederation

Hobbes believed that all humans were inherently...
a) selfish and evil
b) ambitious and motivated
c) intelligent and reasonable
d) poor and irrational

Which form of government did Hobbes prefer?
a) Absolute Monarch
b) Direct Monarchy
c) Representative Democracy
d) Anarchy

Which form of government did Locke prefer?
a) Absolute monarchy
b) Direct Monarchy
c) Representative Democracy
d) Anarchy

Which best describes Voltaire's stance on religion?
a) There is no God
b) God is everywhere and controls everything
c) God set the world in motion but then retreated and let it be
d) God is dead

Major strides were made in the field of astronomy thanks primarily to...
a) Kepler and Galileo
b) Galileo and Newton
c) Newton and Descartes
d) Galileo and Bacon

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the beginning of the Enlightenment?
a) Greater exploration led to an appreciation and interest in foreign cultures
b) The discoveries of the Scientific Revolution changed how people thought
c) The Thirty Years' War compelled writers to philosophize about the nature of war.
d) The Church encouraged citizens to rely on reason rather than believe in the divine.

Who was responsible for establishing three laws of motion?
a) Newton
b) Leibniz
c) Newton and Liebniz
d) neither

Paine's Common Sense encouraged...
a) People to use reason to solve the world's problems
b) A switch for mercantilism to free trade
c) The British colonies in America to declare independence
d) Other

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