American Indians Review - GSE Question Preview (ID: 38348)

American Indians Review.

How do we know about the first American Indians?
a) From the artifacts they left behind
b) From the computer files they left
c) From the books they wrote
d) They told television reporters their stories

Which culture encountered the European explorers?
a) Mississippian
b) Paleo
c) Archaic
d) Woodland

Deer, turkey, pumpkins and squash best describe the Mississippian_______________.
a) Food
b) Culture
c) Shelter
d) Weapons/Tools

Bows and Arrows, Pottery, spears, and axes best describe Mississippian____________.
a) Weapons/Tools
b) Food
c) Culture
d) Shelter

Huts made of daub, clay, and sticks best describe the Mississippian_______.
a) Shelter
b) Food
c) Culture
d) Weapons/Tools

A priest chief, burial mounds, temple mounds, and a structured society best describe Mississippian _______.
a) Culture
b) Food
c) Shelter
d) Weapons/Tools

Ocmulgee, Etowah, and Kolomoki best describe the _____________ mounds of the Mississippian era.
a) Temple
b) Square
c) Corn
d) Flat

The Mississippians encountered explorers from which continent?
a) Europe
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) North America

Who was in charge of the Mississippian American Indian tribes?
a) A priest-chief
b) A conquistator
c) A king
d) A president

Which European explorer first encountered American Indians in Georgia?
a) Hernando de Soto
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Vasco da Gama
d) Hernando Cortes

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