Transportation Question Preview (ID: 38322)

Students Have To Complete Some Questions.

My mom loves chocolate.
a) My mom does too.
b) My mom too.
c) My mom love too.
d) My mom does love too.

I take the bus to school.
a) But, I do. I take the subway.
b) But, I don´t. I take the bus.
c) But, I don´t.
d) But, I do.

This transportation travels in the sky.
a) Submarine
b) Scooter
c) Ship
d) Helicopter

My sister rides her bike to school,.....
a) but my brother rides his bike to school too.
b) but my brother takes the bus.
c) but my brother does too.
d) but my brother do too.

After school, I............
a) get off my bike.
b) park my bike.
c) get on my bike to go home.
d) get uphill.

Which transportation doesn´t on water?
a) yatch
b) ferry
c) boat
d) hot air balloon

I live in a nice city.
a) I does too
b) I do too.
c) I doesn´t.
d) But I do too.

What´s the correct spelling?
a) motorcycle
b) motorcicle
c) motocycle
d) motourcycle

Which transportation is the fastest.
a) submarine
b) bus
c) subway
d) airplane

I don´t like Japanese food.
a) But I do too.
b) But I don´t
c) But I do.
d) But I like.

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