Launch Pad Scavenger Hunt Question Preview (ID: 38298)

Launch Pad Scavenger Hunt.

What icon or image allows you to log on to the Smart Lab Launch Pad ?
a) Pacman
b) Google
c) Rocketship
d) internet

Where do I find my username and password ?
a) white board
b) pink poster
c) door
d) yellow poster

Which icon leads to Kodu Game Lab ?
a) orientation
b) digital communication
c) computer graphics
d) software engineering

Where can I find directions for Makey Makey ?
a) orientation
b) circuitry
c) robotics
d) controlled technology

When I am reading over a launch pad, where do I find instructions on how to complete a challenge ?
a) extend yourself
b) your challenge
c) what you should know
d) do it

If I finish early, what are my choices ?
a) extend challenge
b) coding
c) Moby Max
d) All of the above

Where do I find career connections to my project ?
a) extend yourself
b) orientation
c) express challenges
d) Google It

Where do I submit my work?
a) email the project to the instrctor
b) post the assignment on Facebook
c) print the project out and hand it to the instructor
d) Turn in assignment on Google classroom

If I need help or assistance, who do I ask first ?
a) The teacher
b) Google
c) My partner
d) Dr. Bush

What is the objective of this class ?
a) Waste time
b) To talk with my friends
c) To get my work done
d) To learn STEM skills for the future career of my choosing

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