Literary Elements And Devices Review Question Preview (ID: 38290)

Review #1.

All the methods used by an author to develop a character.
a) Exposition
b) Characterization
c) Narration
d) Summary

The topic of a text that can be summed up in 1-2 words.
a) Diction
b) Climax
c) Imagery
d) Subject

A comparision between 2 dissimilar objects using -like- or -as-
a) Allegory
b) Theme
c) Simile
d) Allusion

The speaker's attitude towards his/her subject.
a) Conflict
b) Tone
c) Connotation
d) Allusion

A hint about plot developments that will come later in the story.
a) Plot
b) Symbolism
c) Climax
d) Foreshadowing

The struggle between the opposing forces on which the action depends.
a) Setting
b) Point of view
c) Conflict
d) Exposition

Figurative language which appeals to any of the five senses.
a) Point of view
b) Mood
c) Imagery
d) Methaphor

An observation about -the way things are- that the author is conveying to the reader through the content
a) Theme
b) Exposition
c) Repetition
d) Subject

A poetic device used to address absent or imaginary people/objects as if they were present or alive and able to respond.
a) Personification
b) Apostrophe
c) Allegory
d) Motif

The time, place, physical details and circumstances in which a story takes place
a) Climax
b) Setting
c) Imagery
d) Hyperbole

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