Anti- Vocabulary Review Question Preview (ID: 38280)

Vocab Review.

What does anti- mean?
a) against
b) together
c) around
d) above

If I want to prevent wrinkles on my face, I will need this type of cream?
a) antisocial
b) antithesis
c) antiaging
d) antibiotic

If I get a bacterial infection, what might a doctor give me?
a) antisocial
b) antithesis
c) antihero
d) antibiotic

Cold is the ____ of hot!
a) antiaging
b) antithesis
c) antihero
d) antidote

If I don't like hanging out with people, what am I?
a) antisocial
b) antithesis
c) antibiotic
d) antihero

If I get bitten by a snake, a doctor will give me an ___ to stop the effects of the poison.
a) antiaging
b) antibiotic
c) antiagining
d) antidote

If a protagonist isn't acting like a hero, then he/she is considered to be a ____.
a) antiaging
b) antisocial
c) antihero
d) antithesis

What prefix means against or opposite?
a) cycle
b) quad
c) pre-
d) anti-

What is an antihero?
a) a protagonist that doesn't act like a hero (good guy)
b) a protagonist that acts like a hero (good guy)
c) a protagonist that acts like a minor character
d) a protagonist that acts like a secondary character

The antithesis of an antisocial person is -
a) someone that prefers to be by themselves
b) someone that doesn't like hanging out with other people
c) someone that likes to hang out with other people
d) someone that prefers to do things alone

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