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A Computer is anything that can input, store, _____, and output data.
a) protect
b) process
c) problem
d) power

Which type of computer is smaller than a normal laptop.
a) Laptop
b) Desktop
c) Netbook
d) Server

An example of a PDA is ....
a) an iPhone
b) Laptop
c) Netbook
d) smart tv

All computers consist of two basic parts: they are
a) mouse and keyboard
b) Power cord or battery
c) computer screen and keyboard
d) hardware and software

The brain of the computer is called the
a) Motherboard
b) RAM
c) CPU
d) Hardrive

Which is an example of an operating system.
a) El Capitan
b) Microsoft Word
c) Google Chrome
d) Avast

What type of connection tops out at 30 feet
a) USB
b) Wifi
c) Bluetooth
d) Siri

Data that is going into the computer is called
a) input
b) output
c) information
d) Mouse

The computer hardware devices that stores information long term
a) RAM
b) Harddrive
c) CD Drive
d) Processor

_________Is what makes everything in your computer work together.
a) CPU
b) Harddrive
c) Processor
d) Motherboard

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