Totten - The Great Solar Eclipse Of 2017 Question Preview (ID: 38272)

On August 21st, The United States Will Experience A Total Solar Eclipse. Let's Test Your Knowledge About This Event.

Total Solar Eclipse only happens when Sun, Moon, Earth is in a straight line and _____.
a) the moon is tilted 25 degrees
b) there is a full moon
c) there is a new moon
d) there is a half moon

True of False If you only look at the sun for a couple of seconds it is safe.
b) FALSE - It is NEVER safe to look at the sun

Sun's rays can permanently damage or destroy this part of the eyeball.
a) lens
b) cornea
c) iris
d) retina

Name the eclipse that has this order : SUN - MOON - EARTH
a) Lunar
b) Solar

Name the eclipse that has this order: SUN - EARTH - MOON
a) Lunar
b) Solar

The last Total Solar Eclipse to cross the entire United States was in the year ____.
a) 1900
b) 2001
c) 1918
d) 1750

The shadow cast that is NOT 100% darkness is called the ____
a) umbra
b) penumbra
c) orbit
d) constellation

Name the path in which 100% of sunlight is blocked
a) Totality
b) Blockage
c) Star Zone
d) Mooned

The part of the eclipse with a dark shadow of 100% darkness is called _____.
a) penumbra
b) umbra
c) nightshade
d) midnight

If the new moon lines up with earth and sun in straight line and passes earth FARTHER AWAY in orbit, a ____ solar eclipse is produced
a) Annular
b) Total
c) Partial

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