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What is plot?
a) The main character.
b) Internal and external conflict.
c) The turning point in the story.
d) The events in a story.

Every story has two things. What are they?
a) characters and conflict
b) plot and conflict
c) setting and characters
d) plot and theme

What is a character trait you infer about David Davis?
a) clever
b) careful
c) different
d) decent

What is a character trait you infer about Lincoln based on the story?
a) honest
b) open minded
c) cautious
d) popular

What are the five elements of a narrative?
a) plot, character, theme, conflict and setting
b) exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution
c) plot, exposition, climax, setting, and conflict
d) Character, conflict, theme,external, and internal

What is the best meaning of the term: drawing inferences?
a) something you would do in art class
b) to figure out something from clues
c) something you would do in math class
d) curiosity

What is a literally stated character trait of Thurwood Weed?
a) lies
b) devious
c) smart
d) decent

What is a character trait you infer about Thurwood Weed?
a) dishonest
b) courageous
c) clever
d) careful

What did the scientist probably do with the skeleton, teeth and bones?
a) Sent them to place with more experienced scientists.
b) Kept them for souvenirs.
c) Studied them carefully and compared them to other animals.
d) Sold them to Museums that displayed them.

Bill and Jessica were almost done taking turns choosing the players for their teams. It was Jessica's turn to choose, and only Kurt was left. Jessica said, Kurt. We can infer that?
a) Kurt is not a very good player.
b) Jessica was pleased to have Kurt on her team.
c) Kurt was the best player on either team.
d) Jessica was inconsiderate of Kurt's feelings.

Larry as your boss, it has been interesting working with you, Miss Valdez said. However it seems that our company's needs and your performance style are not well matched. Therefore we need you to quit today. What was Miss Valdez telling Larry?
a) She would feel really bad if he decided to quit.
b) He was being fired.
c) He was getting a raise in pay.
d) She really enjoyed having him in the office.

Turner almost wished that he hadn't listened to the radio. He went to the closet to grab his umbrella. He would feel silly carrying it to the bus stop on a sunny morning. According the short passage, which probably happened?
a) Turner realized that he had an unnatural fear of falling radio parts.
b) Turner had promised himself to do something silly that morning.
c) Turner had heard a weather forecast that predicted rain.
d) Turner planned to trade his umbrella for a bus ride.

What is the beginning of the story called?
a) exposition
b) rising action
c) climax
d) resolution

The events that lead to the climax are?
a) resolution
b) falling action
c) exposition
d) rising action

In the Song of the Trees, Mama's conversation with Mr. Andersen led to him..
a) hurting little man
b) cutting down the trees
c) cussing at Big Ma
d) threaten to hurt David

Mama's conversation with Mr. Andersen influenced/impacted what parts of the story?
a) setting
b) plot
c) conflict
d) all of the above

The main character or the good guy in the story is the..
a) antagonist
b) protagonist
c) superhero
d) Mr. Rhodes

How did the setting in the opening pages of the song of the Trees shape the plot?
a) the setting of the forest and the white X's demonstrated hatred between whites and blacks
b) The setting at the beginning showed they lived on a farm or out in the country
c) The setting demonstrated they might not have money and might need to make decisions based on their struggles
d) The setting proved that Big Ma was in charge of the house and Cassie had to follow her rules

The time and location a story takes place?
a) plot
b) place in the story
c) setting
d) imagery

The most excited part of the story is called the..
a) rising action
b) falling action
c) climax
d) resolution

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