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Part II Of Georgia Geography.

Which of Georgia's distinctive features forms much of the border between Georgia and Alabama?
a) Chattahoochee River
b) Fall Line
c) Savannah River
d) Okefenokee Swamp

Which of the distinctive geographic features in Georgia is one of the world's largest freshwater swamps?
a) Okefenokee Swamp
b) Chattahoochee River
c) Savannah River
d) Appalachian Mountains

Which of the following would BEST describe the current importance of the Chattahoochee River to the state of Georgia?
a) drinking water for much of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area
b) major shipping center for the state's cotton crop
c) recreation
d) commercial fishing

Which of the following BEST describes the importance of the Savannah River to modern Georgians?
a) the port at the mouth of the river is one of the busiest and most valuable in the world
b) it forms the border between Alabama and Georgia
c) it is the world's largest freshwater swamp
d) it provides drinking water for Atlanta

Trading centers that developed into some of Georgia's first cities developed along this feature.
a) Fall Line
b) Okefenokee Swamp
c) Chattahoochee River
d) Appalachian Mountains

What was discovered in the Appalachian Mountains near Dahlonega in the late 1820s that greatly changed the course of the state's history?
a) gold
b) oil
c) diamonds
d) a strong-armed quarterback who could lead the University of Georgia to a National Championship

What is the largest of the five regions of Georgia?
a) Coastal Plain
b) Piedmont
c) Appalachian Plateau
d) Blue Ridge

What is the smallest of the five regions of Georgia?
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Coastal Plain
c) Piedmont
d) Valley and Ridge

A partial listing of some of the major attractions in this region would include: CNN Center, World of Coke, Stone Mountain.
a) Piedmont
b) Coastal Plain
c) Blue Ridge
d) Valley and Ridge

In what region could you visit Lookout Mountain, Sand Mountain, and the Chickamauga National Military Park?
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Valley and Ridge
c) Coastal Plain
d) Piedmont

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