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Prehistoric Native Americans And European Exploration.

Why did the Spanish explore the New World?
a) Salt, Silk and Spices
b) God, Glory and Gold
c) Fur, Fame, and Family
d) Rum, Slaves and Molasses

Which Native American period would have been the most advanced
a) Paleo
b) Woodland
c) Archaic
d) Mississippian

In which Native American time period would the bow and arrow first been used?
a) Mississippian
b) Archaic
c) Woodland
d) Paleo

Who was the first explorer to enter Georgia in 1540?
a) Ponce de Leon
b) Hernando de Soto
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Juanillo Diez

Which Native American period would have practiced hunting and gathering and lived a nomadic lifestyle?
a) Paleo
b) Archaic
c) Woodland
d) Mississippian

How do we know that early Native Americans believed in some form of life after death?
a) There is evidence of funeral rituals
b) Cave drawings depict Heaven and Hell
c) Burial mounds were used to bury the dead with tools, foods and other items
d) The Mississippian period had religious books which mentioned of life after death

Why did most European countries want to explore and settle in the New World?
a) to gain more territory for natural resources and trade
b) they wanted to force Native Americans into slavery
c) they wanted more land to use for prison settlements
d) they wanted more knowledge of the world

Which Native American period was the oldest and least developed?
a) Archaic
b) Woodland
c) Paleo
d) Mississippian

In which Native American period would an atlatl have been MOST utilized?
a) Mississippian
b) Paleo
c) Archaic
d) Woodland

Which European country was the FIRST to explore and settle in the New World?
a) England
b) France
c) Spain
d) Portugal

By the 1700's, which European country controlled most of the eastern coast of the New World?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Portugal
d) England

What were Spanish missions?
a) Settlements built for Spanish priests to try and convert Native Americans to Christianity
b) Settlements built for Spanish conquistadors to store their treasures
c) Settlements built for the sick and elderly Native Americans
d) Settlements built by the Spanish to use as trading posts?

Which crops would have been known as the Three Sisters by Native Americans?
a) peas, corn and bean
b) squash, beans and corn
c) melons, corn and fish
d) berries, corn and nuts

What impact did European exploration and settlement have upon the Native Americans?
a) The Native Americans prospered and learned new languages and religion
b) Many Native Americans traveled to Europe and began to settle in other countries
c) Many Native Americans died from starvation, sickness, and warfare which destroyed many Native American cultures
d) Native Americans became rich from trading with France and England

How did the first Native Americans travel from Asia to the Americas?
a) Over the land bridge Beringia during the last Ice Age
b) They used boats to sail to North America
c) They swam in the shallow waters during the Ice Age
d) Native Americans did not travel from Asia to Europe

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