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1. What minerals help assist in nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction?
a) Sodium, chloride and potassium
b) iodine, aluminum and bromide
c) phosphate and iodine
d) vitamin c and fluoride

2. What food sources are rich in potassium?
a) strawberry ,grapes and kiwis
b) pumpkin, mango and Callaloo
c) Banana, plantains and oranges
d) apple, zucchini and potatoes

3. What are the excess intake of the mineral sodium, chloride and potassium excreted in?
a) vomiting and tears
b) urine and sweat
c) gas and spit
d) none of the above

4. Hyperkalemia is caused by the excess intake in the blood by which mineral?
a) iodine
b) phosphate
c) fluoride
d) potassium

5. Excessive vomiting, diarrhea and /or heavy sweating are a deficiency caused by which two minerals?
a) bromide and aluminum
b) sodium and chloride
c) fluoride and potassium
d) - iodine and phosphate

6. Which mineral is important in strengthening teeth against decay?
a) Fluoride
b) sodium
c) potassium
d) phosphate

7. An excessive amount of fluoride can be harmful and may cause what?
a) goiter
b) rickets
c) tooth decay
d) fluorosis

8. Fluoride is found naturally in , - and in some parts of the country in water supply.
a) nuts , virgin olive oils
b) liver, dry soya beans
c) tea , sea water fish
d) trees, salt sea weed

9. What can the lack of fluoride lead to?
a) tooth decay and other dental diseases
b) beriberi
c) night blindness
d) goiter

10. The strengthening effect of fluoride in the teeth is only of value when teeth are developing in what age group?
a) teens
b) children
c) adolescents
d) elderly

11. Iodine is needed for the formation of which hormone?
a) hemoglobin
b) goitre
c) retinol
d) thyroxin

12. Iodine is required to make the hormone thyroxin, which is produced by which gland in the neck?
a) thyroid gland
b) adrenal gland
c) pineal gland
d) pituitary gland

13. What are good sources of iodine?
a) liver, Callaloo, kidney
b) oranges, mango, papaya
c) seafood, milk , green vegetables
d) potato, yam, cassava

14. What deficiency is caused by iodine?
a) hypokalemia
b) cretinism
c) osteoporosis
d) hyperthyroidism

15. How many grams of iodine are needed by the body in our whole lives?
a) 2.5g
b) 4.3g
c) 3.7g
d) 2.8g

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