Harmony Question Preview (ID: 36547)

STAAR Reading Test.

Where does the story take place
a) Pharr
b) Texas
c) Uruguay
d) Canada

What are the the instruments made of?
a) plastic
b) brass
c) scraps
d) metal

What type of music group does the selection talk about?
a) band
b) orchestra
c) harmonic
d) tejano

Why does Chavez think it is important for kids to learn to play?
a) to make money
b) to be famous
c) makes them better citizens
d) travel the world

Which sentence from the selection expresses an opinion?
a) Chavez began by teaching music lessons.
b) The U. S. performance took place at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix ,Arizona.
c) The Recycled Orchestra has shown the world that with a love of music and a sense of belonging, people can change their lives
d) Inspired by the orchestra, Paraguayan filmmaker Alejandra Amarilla Nash made a documentary about the group.

The initial success of Chavez's project depends primarily on-
a) inspiring the local children to participate in the orchestra
b) spreading awareness of the benifits of reusing materials
c) obtaining invitaitons to perform in foreing countries
d) finding resources within the community

Gomez travels to the landfill several times a wekk to search for materials most likely because he-
a) knows which items would be best suited for crafting the instruments
b) wants to create a new style of instrument
c) hopes to find an instrument that is intact
d) believes that items from the landfill create unique sounds

Which idea about the Recycled Orchestra does the author highlight throughout the selection?
a) The goal of the orchestra is to support children of Caetura.
b) The orchestra is successful because of Chavez's skill as a leader.
c) The orchestra members plan to become professional musicians.
d) The people of Caetura support the orchesta by working as recyclers.

In order to be successful in the orchestra, members most likely had to -
a) show that they had a natural talent for playing music
b) work together to locate materials for their instruments
c) make a commitment to devote time to practicing their skills
d) develop an interest for the style of music they would be playing

Which sentence supports the idea that the instruments are part of what makes Recycled Orchestra Special?
a) The group has performed in Brazin, Panama, and Colombia.
b) As more children wanted to participate, Chavez knew that more instruments were needed.
c) The cost of traditional violin is far out of the reach of many residents in Cateura.
d) The museum honored the orchestra with an exhibit showcasing its instruments.

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