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S3 Business Functional Activities Knowledge And Understanding.

introduction, Growth, maturity and decline are all stages of the
a) product life cycle
b) advertising process
c) branding process
d) business cycle

Which of the following is NOT a reason for branding
a) suggests quality
b) makes product/service recognisable
c) easier to introduce even more products using the brand
d) will guarantee sales

Vouchers, discounts and loyalty cards are all examples of which type of promotion
a) advertising
b) celebrity endorsement
c) direct mailing
d) sales promotions

When products/services reach maturity, sales may start to fall and companies have to find ways of keeping the product/service popular. These are known as
a) sales promotions
b) product life cycle
c) extension strategies
d) advertising

Every little helps, Tesco is an example of a
a) slogan
b) logo
c) advert
d) promotion

When a famous face is used to help advertise a product or service, this is known as
a) Promotion
b) Branding
c) Celebrity Endorsement
d) Advertising

Many companies spend a lot of money making their product recognisable and associated with quality. This is known as
a) Promotion
b) Advertising
c) Celebrity Endorsement
d) Branding

Which functional activity makes customers aware of the companies products and services.
a) sales
b) purchases
c) marketing
d) finance

The term used to describe using email; social media, post and telephone to communicate with customers is
a) Sales Promotion
b) Direct mailing
c) Advertising
d) Branding

Which of the following describes maturity stage in the product life cycle?
a) slow sales and high costs due to new advertising
b) sales high and profits continue to grow
c) sales and profits growing quickly
d) profits at their best, product well known, but sales may even start to fall

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