The New Nation Test Review: Part 3 Question Preview (ID: 35727)

The New Nation Test Review: Part 3.

Why did many delegates insist on a Bill of Rights being added to the Constitution?
a) to provide a legal guarantee to protect the natural rights of the people
b) to provide a way for courts to be established
c) to provide a way for the government to raise an army
d) to provide a way for the president to enforce the laws

Even though John Adams maintained US neutrality in the war between France and England, he also created this to protect America from future attacks.
a) The U.S. Navy
b) The National Bank of the United States
c) Fort McHenry
d) The Pentagon

Why did Jefferson want to acquire the territory received in the Louisiana Purchase?
a) to gain a port on the Gulf of Mexico
b) to help the French fight the war against England
c) to gain access to the Mississippi River
d) to help the English fight the war against France

What two plans were combined to solve the dispute between small states and large states in the Constitutional Convention?
a) The Virginia Plan and The New Jersey Plan
b) The New Jersey Plan and The Massachusetts Plan
c) The Georgia Plan and The Virginia Plan
d) The New York Plan and

Which of the following shows the correct match of departments and their responsibilities?
a) State:foreign affairs; Treasury:banking and taxes; War:military
b) State:banking and taxes; Treasury:foreign affairs; War:military
c) State:military; Treasury:foreign affairs; War:banking and taxes
d) State:foreign affairs; Treasury:military; War:banking and taxes

What agreement helped to temporarily resolve the problem of slavery in states added to the United States?
a) The Missouri Compromise
b) The Great Compromise
c) The Three-Fifths Compromise
d) The Virginia Compromise

What were the three main problems created by the weak national government established by the Articles of Confederation?
a) economic disorganization, lack of leadership, legislative obstacles
b) economic disorganization, lack of money coining and printing abilities, legislative obstacles
c) economic disorganization, lack of leadership, inability to make treaties
d) economic disorganization, lack of Congress, legislative obstacles

What couldn't the United States do when the Articles of Confederation limited Congress's ability to raise money?
a) pay off its debt to France
b) fight a war with Great Britain
c) make treaties with other countries like Spain
d) print and coin US money

What did the Articles of Confederation allow the United States to do successfully?
a) fight a war
b) set up federal courts
c) make the states pay taxes
d) force the states to use one currency

What is the term used to describe the outcome of the War of 1812?
a) stalemate
b) ratification
c) victory
d) due process

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