How Do Cells Work Together? Senses Question Preview (ID: 35595)

Unit 3 Lesson 1.

Your _________ catches sounds as vibrations that pass into the inner ear.
a) eardrum
b) outer ear
c) middle ear

When you smell something, the nerves in your _____ pass a signal to your brain that lets you know what you are smelling.
a) nose
b) pupil
c) iris
d) retina

The _______is connected to a nerve that sends the information from what you see to your brain.
a) retina
b) pupil
c) iris

Your eye includes ______
a) 3 main parts: the iris, pupil, and retina
b) the iris only
c) the iris and pupil
d) the retina only

_______________ send signals to your brain and let you know if what you are touching is soft and harmless or sharp and dangerous.
a) nerves in your skin
b) nerves in your spinal cord
c) nerves in your hair

Nerves in your __________ and tiny hairs help you feel your surroundings.
a) skin
b) cells
c) head

________on your tongue help you taste your food by sending signals to your brain and let you know if what you taste is safe to eat.
a) taste buds
b) skin
c) cells

You have ________that you use to explore your world and navigate your environment.
a) five senses: taste, touch, sight, sound, smell
b) six senses: taste, touch, sight, sounds, smell, and imagination

From the inner ear the vibrations is passed through ______and eventually the information passes through nerves and to your brain.
a) tiny bones
b) ear drum
c) middle ear

Skin, hair, and nails, is part of your ____________ system
a) integumentary
b) circulatory
c) respiratory

_______help you get rid of extra heat and the hair on your head helps keep you warm.
a) Tiny blood vessels
b) Cells
c) large blood vessels

Your skin releases sweat. When ______________, your body cools down.
a) sweat evaporates
b) sit
c) go outside

Cuts can let in harmful bacteria. Your _____ protects you from infection.
a) skin
b) senses
c) hair

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