Connotation And Denotation Question Preview (ID: 35059)

Connotation And Denotation.

Everyone in the office respects Casey because of her kind but __________ attitude
a) assertive
b) bossy
c) demanding

Well, said Curtis with an embarrassed smile, I'm looking for a __________ car.
a) more affordable
b) cut rate
c) cheaper

Here's a scholarship that you might qualify for, said Mike's advisor. It's for people who are __________ .
a) underprivileged
b) poor
c) not rich

William annoys his friends because he's so __________ when it comes to money.
a) stingy
b) frugal
c) thrifty

We're worried about Trish; she's lost so much weight that she looks __________ .
a) boney
b) slender
c) trim

I'm afraid, said Luke's guidance counselor carefully, that you might find advanced calculus a little too
a) challenging
b) difficult
c) confusing

I recommend a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet because you are becoming __________ .
a) overweight
b) fat
c) large

We were all so sorry to hear that you had gotten ___________ from the plant.
a) let go
b) fired
c) canned

We like Heath as the shift supervisor because he has a __________ attitude.
a) laid back
b) careless
c) lackadaisical

We understand, said the customer service representative, that our new policy might be __________ .
a) inconvenient
b) infuriating
c) a pain in the neck

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