Parties And The College Question Preview (ID: 35050)

These Set Of Questions Will Cover Political Parties And The Electoral College.

Third parties differ from the other two main political parties differ from the other two main political parties because third parties -
a) have more official memebers
b) have more political experience
c) are older than the two main parties
d) are often concerned with one issue

A candidate for national office often appeal to the most citizens by -
a) meeting with foreign leaders
b) belonging to a third party
c) holding moderate views
d) leading an activist group

Which of the following is a similarity between the two main political parties?
a) Approve the budget
b) Broadcast different points of view
c) Support business start-ups
d) Influence public policy

The two MAIN political parties in the United States today are -
a) Progressive and Whig Parties
b) Green and Libertarian Parties
c) Prohibition and Free Soil Parties
d) Democratic and Republican Parties

The parties' differences are -
a) stated in the party platforms and reflecting in campaigning
b) stated in the United States Constitution
c) listed in the Preamble
d) expressed in the 18th Amendment

What kind of party system characterizes the American political process?
a) A two-party system
b) A three-party system
c) A four-party system
d) A six-party system

'Democrats Furious about GOP Using Twitter to Stretch Campaign Finance Laws!' Which role is the Democratic Party completing in this headline?
a) Monitoring actions of officeholders
b) Educating votres
c) Nominating candidates
d) Helping candidates win

'Republican Party Selects Trump as their Candidate!' Which role is the Republican Party completing in this headline?
a) Monitoring actions of officeholders
b) Educating voters
c) Nominating candidates
d) Helping candidates win

An organization of citizens who have similar views on issues and who work together to put their ideas into effect through government action is called a -
a) college
b) reserve
c) political party
d) political action committee

Political parties offer a way for -
a) citizens to participate in the political process
b) candidates to avoid raising money for campaigns
c) candidates with very different views to work together
d) candidates to avoid laws regarding campaign finances

The number of electors each state has is -
a) determined by how many citizens voted in the last election
b) based on the state's Congressional representation
c) stated in the United States Constitution
d) decided by a pre-election lottery

The requirement for a majority vote to win the Electoral College favors a -
a) one-party system
b) two-party system
c) three-party system
d) four-party system

What is the last step in the Elecoral College Process?
a) The electors meet to add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution
b) The electors meet to vote for the President and VIce President
c) The electors meet to select the Chief Justice
d) The electors meet to impeach the president

In order to become the next President of the United States, a candidate must earn ___ electoral votes.
a) 100
b) 270
c) 350
d) 538

Who determines the President if neither candidate earns the required electoral votes?
a) U.S. Supreme Court
b) House of Representatives
c) Senate
d) Political Action Committee

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