Geography Of Latin America Question Preview (ID: 35020)

Reviews For The Geography Of Latin America Test.

What South American country is located directly north of Brazil?
a) Bolovia
b) Colombia
c) Venezuela
d) Mexico

What is the largest island in the Caribbean?
a) Haiti
b) Bahamas
c) Cuba
d) Jamaica

What Latin American country is located farthest north (touching the US border)?
a) Brazil
b) Bolovia
c) Colombia
d) Mexico

What physical feature is found on the coast of western South America between the Andes and Pacific Ocean?
a) Atacama Desert
b) Amazon River
c) Panama Canal
d) Caribbean Sea

How does geography play a role in Mexico City's pollution problem?
a) It has no air pollution
b) Erupting volcanoes add to the air pollution
c) People smoking cigarettes causes the air pollution
d) It lies in a valley surrounded by mountains that traps air pollution in

Cuba is a small island. What does this mean for their trade?
a) They don't have to trade
b) People only eat sugar in Cuba
c) They have to import goods
d) People in Cuba don't eat

What is the largest island in the Caribbean?
a) Cuba
b) Haiti
c) Dominican Republic
d) Bahamas

What ocean is found to the west of Latin America?
a) Arctic Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Indian Ocean

What Latin American country are the Sierra Madre Mountains found in?
a) Brazil
b) Mexico
c) Cuba
d) Venezuela

What is the largest and most populated country in Latin America?
a) Brazil
b) Mexico
c) Cuba
d) Panama

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