Unit 8 The Beginning Of The Cold War Question Preview (ID: 35019)

Regents Multiple Choice Questions Pertaining To The Beginning Of The Cold War.

The purpose of the Marshall Plan after World War II was to
a) promote the spread of militarism
b) force the losing nations to help areas destroyed in the war
c) rebuild national economies to stabilize governments
d) strengthen the alliances that had won the war

After World War II, a key reason the Soviet Union established satellite nations in Eastern Europe was to
a) ease tensions with the Chinese government
b) expand trade opportunities with Western Europe
c) protect its western border from attack
d) maintain freedom of the seas

What was a major reason for the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949?
a) to control European trade
b) to resist Soviet aggression
c) to support the blockade of Berlin
d) to strengthen communist governments

Which event illustrates the policy of containment?
a) Nuremberg Trials
b) Hungarian revolt
c) launching of Sputnik
d) naval blockade of Cuba

Under communism in the former Soviet Union, people were required to
a) reject modern technology
b) limit the size of their families
c) honor their ancestors and religious traditions
d) put the interests of the state before individual gain

The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan were designed to
a) promote economic and political stability in Europe
b) end German demands for the Sudetenland
c) restore democratic rule in Haiti
d) prevent Iraq's takeover of Kuwait

The purpose of the Marshall Plan was to
a) restore Japanese economic development
b) provide military aid to Middle Eastern allies
c) assure nationalist success in the Chinese civil war
d) provide for economic recovery in Western Europe

In the 30 years after World War II, which area was most influenced by the Soviet Union?
a) Southeast Asia
b) North Africa
c) Eastern Europe
d) Central America

After World War II, the Soviet Union established satellites in Eastern Europe to
a) promote constitutional democracy
b) expand its own political power
c) prevent the rise of new socialist regimes
d) persuade Western Europe to abandon military alliances

The expansion of communism into Eastern Europe was a direct result of
a) the Crimean War
b) the Napoleonic Wars
c) World War I
d) World War II

Communist governments were established in most nations of Eastern Europe shortly after World War II because
a) the region had a long tradition of strong communist parties
b) communist governments were able to significantly increase agricultural productivity
c) the Soviet Union used military and diplomatic pressures to install these governments
d) members of the Communist Party won free elections in these nations

Which statement best describes most Eastern European countries immediately after World War II?
a) They adopted democratic reforms in their political systems
b) They became satellite states of the Soviet Union.
c) They became dependent on aid provided by the Marshall Plan
d) They emerged as world economic powers

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