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Lab Safety.

If a fire happens in the lab, immediately...
a) tell the teacher
b) run quickly for the fire extinguisher
c) Throw water on the fire
d) open the windows

Hot glassware....
a) is okay to touch with bare hands
b) is impossible to break
c) looks the same as cold glass
d) isn't really THAT hot

In the lab, the following should not be worn:
a) loose clothing
b) dangling jewelry
c) sandals
d) all of these things

It is okay to remove chemicals, equipment, or other materials from the lab...
a) if the teacher doesn't see you take them
b) NEVER. It is never okay to take these things from the lab
c) if it looks like it won't hurt you
d) if you promise to throw them away once you leave the room

When you are finished working with chemicals, animals and other lab materials, always...
a) put lotion on your hands
b) Wash your hands with soap and water
c) wipe your hands on a towel
d) lick your fingers clean

Work areas (lab tables)...
a) should always been clean and tidy
b) should be covered in all of your belongings in case you might need something from your binder
c) are able to be used as a chair if needed. You can sit right on top so you can see better
d) are allowed to be written on; Mrs. Larwood wazzz here lol

Which of the following is true about goggles?
a) As long as they are on my forehead, I am using them correctly
b) I can take them off to look into a beaker in order to see better
c) they should be worn properly in order to protect your eyes anytime liquids or chemicals are being used
d) They don't need to be wiped down and cleaned after each use; the persons who uses them next can do that!

You are given a cup of liquid that looks like water and you realize that you are super thirsty...
a) you should take a sip; if its clear it must be water and it must be okay to drink
b) you should smell it first before you drink it, just to make sure that it's water
c) you should never drink anything in the lab; assume all materials in the lab are dangerous
d) you should have a friend drink it first to see if it hurts them. If not, its okay to drink

If you do not finish a lab in the time allowed, you should
a) make up some results
b) avoid cleaning up and keep working anyway
c) tell your teacher
d) come in during lunch and finish while eating

You come into class and have lab materials on your desk. What should you do?
a) Read the directions and immediately get started
b) Wait for your teachers directions before touching any materials
c) Touch the materials and start playing with them
d) Wait until Mrs. Larwood isn't looking and throw them across the room to your friend

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