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Review All Terms.

This type of conflict occurs within ONE character.
a) internal conflict
b) external conflict
c) man vs. society
d) man vs. nothing

this is the main character who starts the action
a) antagonist
b) protagonist
c) static character
d) dynamic character

this type of character changes throughout the story
a) static character
b) main character
c) flat character
d) dynamic character

the troublemaker or person/thing who causes problems for main character
a) protagonist
b) dynamic character
c) antagonist
d) static character

This is the sequence of all the events that make up the story from beginning to end.
a) plot
b) rising action
c) climax
d) setting

This includes the time and place the action occurs.
a) exposition
b) rising action
c) climax
d) setting

This is the introduction to the story. The characters and problems are introduced.
a) plot
b) exposition
c) resolution
d) climax

This is the turning point or most exciting moment in the story.
a) climax
b) rising action
c) falling action
d) resolution

This is the element that keeps you wondering what will happen next. You are on the edge of your seat.
a) foreshadowing
b) plot
c) suspense
d) character

This is when the author or director gives clues about something that will happen later in the story.
a) climax
b) suspense
c) foreshadowing
d) resolution

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