Vocabulary: The New Nation - The U.S. Constitution 1 Question Preview (ID: 34929)

Vocabulary: The New Nation - Articles Of Confederation.

Which term means a division of powers among different branches to prevent any one branch from controlling the government?
a) separation of powers
b) due process of law
c) federal system
d) supreme unicameral

Which term means a freedom or power that a person is entitled to permanently?
a) right
b) veto
c) republic
d) bill

Which term means a form of government in which citizens choose representatives to run the government?
a) republic
b) constituent
c) amendment
d) separation of powers

Which term means to vote in favor of something?
a) ratify
b) right
c) veto
d) bill

Which term means a system of government in which the national and the state governments share power?
a) federal system
b) due process of law
c) separation of powers
d) supreme

Which term means the right to a fair trial before being convicted of and/or punished for a crime?
a) due process of law
b) federal system
c) separation of powers
d) bicameral

Which term means a person who is spoken for by an elected government representative?
a) constituent
b) due process of law
c) republic
d) unicameral

Which term means an agreement in which each side gives up something it wants to get part of what it wants in return?
a) compromise
b) constituent
c) veto
d) ratify

Which term means both an idea for a new law and a list?
a) bill
b) republic
c) federal system
d) right

Which term means an official change?
a) amendment
b) compromise
c) constituent
d) veto

Which term means two houses?
a) bicameral
b) ratify
c) unicameral
d) supreme

Which term means highest ranking?
a) supreme
b) bill
c) right
d) ratify

Which term means one house?
a) unicameral
b) bicameral
c) ratify
d) constituent

Which term means to reject or to prevent a bill from becoming a law?
a) veto
b) ratify
c) compromise
d) supreme

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