3450: Haircutting Question Preview (ID: 34904)

Haircutting Quiz For COS 20.

Which haircut does not have activated texture?
a) Solid
b) Increase-layered
c) Graduated
d) Uniform

Form is made up of?
a) shape, line and angle
b) point, line and width
c) length, width and depth
d) shape, width and depth

Oval shaped haircut?
a) Increase-layered
b) Solid
c) Gradation
d) Uniform

Which 2 haircuts have a shorter exterior progressing to a longer interior?
a) Gradation and increase-layered
b) Increase-layered and solid
c) Solid and graduated
d) Uniform and graduated

Haircutting can be defined as?
a) The artistic application of hair lengths
b) The artistic removal of hair lengths
c) The utilitarian application of hair lengths
d) The utilitarian removal of hair lengths

What is crosschecking?
a) Using a cross shaped section at the top of the haircut to check for balance
b) Using the opposite parting that was used to cut the hair to check for balance
c) Using the same parting that was used to cut the hair to check for balance
d) Using a cross comb to check a haircut for balance

Which of these is not part of infection control and safety when performing a haircut?
a) Protect the client and their clothing with proper draping
b) Discard combs after each use
c) Sweep hair before performing blow dry
d) Wash and sanitize hands

Natural distribution is?
a) the hair combed at 90 degrees from its parting
b) the hair is combed in any direction
c) the hair is in the direction it falls due to gravity
d) the hair is vertical from the head

What is parallel to the design line?
a) Partings
b) Sections
c) Distributions
d) The head

What is the practice of dividing the hair into workable areas?
a) Dividing
b) Sectioning
c) Parting
d) Distributing

Position used when lifting hair at the top of the head?
a) Palm to palm
b) On top of the fingers
c) Palm down
d) Palm up

What is used to replace a towel during a haircutting service?
a) Cloth cape
b) Plastic cape
c) Comb
d) Neck strip

What creates a clean blunt edge when cutting?
a) Taper Shears
b) Shears
c) Razor
d) Combs

What position is used to cut solid forms?
a) Palm up
b) Palm to palm
c) On top of the fingers
d) Palm down

What distributes the hair during and before cutting?
a) Shears
b) Combs
c) Razor
d) Clippers

Which haircut is circular?
a) Solid
b) Increase-layered
c) Uniform
d) Graduated

Have one serrated blade and one straight blade
a) Razor
b) Clippers
c) Shears
d) Taper shears

Which haircut can have both activated and unactivated texture?
a) Solid
b) Increase-layered
c) Uniform
d) Graduated

Which haircut is a 0 degree angle cut?
a) Solid
b) Graduated
c) Increase-layered
d) Uniform

Which tool creates a tapering or angle effect on each strand?
a) Razor
b) Clippers
c) Taper shears
d) Shears

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