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Part 3 From Usatestprep.

The respiratory system gets rid of the carbon dioxide waste from cells. What system gets rid of other types of waste from cells.
a) skeletal
b) nervous
c) excretory
d) digestive

______________ is sent to the brain from the heart and _______________ is carried back to the heart so it can be sent to the lungs.
a) carbon dioxide; oxygen
b) oxygen; carbon dioxide

What is the pair of organs in the lower back that sometimes have 'stones' and what is its function?
a) It is a kidney, it removes solid waste from the blood.
b) It is a kidney, it filters liquid waste from the blood.
c) It is the liver, it absorbs nutrients from the blood.
d) It is the liver, it removes toxins from the blood.

Asthma narrows airways making both the ____________________ systems work harder to deliver oxygen to the cells throughout the body.
a) respiratory; circulatory
b) respiratory; muscular
c) respiratory; digestive
d) respiratory; nervous

White blood cells, part of the _________________ system, work closely with the ________________ system to protect us from infection and disease.
a) circulatory; immune
b) circulatory; excretory
c) endocrine; lympathic
d) circulatory; respiratory

The skeletal system functions include all the following except.
a) protect organs
b) producing Vitamin D
c) produce blood cells
d) provides shape and support

The lungs and respiratory system work closely with the _______________ system to make sure oxygen reaches all the cells of our body.
a) skeletal
b) excretory
c) digestive
d) circulatory

A part of the heart, called the ________ is the main vessel in the arterial network that supplies oxygen rich blood from the heart to all parts of the body except the lungs.
a) aorta
b) atrium
c) coronary artery
d) pulmonary artery

In the body, all systems work to maintain homeostasis, but the _____________ system is the’ leader’ because it works with all the other body systems.
a) circulatory
b) integumentary
c) nervous
d) lymphatic

The organ, found in the lower back, is responsible for filtering wastes from the digestion of proteins and cleaning the bold of excess salts. It is the _______ and is part of the ________ system.
a) lung; respiratory
b) heart; circulatory
c) kidney; excretory
d) pancreas; digestive

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