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Part 2 From Usatestprep.

Without the excretory system, ______________.
a) Wastes would build up in blood and damage the body.
b) Blood would not circulate through the body.
c) Oxygen would not enter the blood stream.
d) Nutrients would not be absorbed.

The excretory and the _____________ systems rid the body of toxic waste products.
a) endocrine
b) nervous
c) respiratory
d) skeletal

The skin MAINLY protects the body against infection by _____________________.
a) secreting sweat.
b) producing antibodies.
c) stimulating mast cells.
d) serving as a barrier.

Digestion begins_________________.
a) in your large intestines
b) in your mouth
c) in your small intestines
d) in your stomach

____________ gland is classified as the ‘master gland’ because it releases hormones that control the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and the gonads.
a) pancreas
b) pineal
c) pituitary
d) thymus

The ____________ system includes the esophagus, pancreas, and large intestine.
a) digestive
b) excretory
c) integumentary
d) lymphatic

When you breathe in oxygen, it is carried to the ________ so red blood cells can pick up oxygen from the alveoli, and carry it to all the body cells that need it.
a) diaphragm
b) heart
c) lungs
d) trachea

Organs, such as the stomach and the small and large intestines are lined with smooth muscle tissue which involuntarily contract to _________________.
a) move food through the digestive tract.
b) grind food into smaller pieces.
c) add liquids to food to make it a slurry.
d) supply digestive enzymes that aid in digestion.

The _______connects bone to bone.
a) cartalige
b) Ligaments
c) muscles
d) Tendons

In order for humans to move, the skeletal and ________ system must work together.
a) circulatory
b) digestive
c) muscular
d) respiratory

The brain stem controls ____________.
a) balance and coordination.
b) sensations related to the five senses.
c) vital and involuntary processes.
d) voluntary actions.

The pancreas secreting the hormone insulin and glucagon to regulate the glucose level in the bloodstream is known as the regulatory system called __________.
a) endocytosis
b) homeostasis
c) meiosis
d) symbiosis

A model showing filters separating solids from water is very similar to the function of a person’s _______________.
a) kidneys
b) heart
c) glands
d) stomach

The __________________ system is responsible for ridding the body of waste.
a) circulatory system
b) excretory system
c) nervous system
d) reproductive system

When you eat a fatty cheeseburger, your body secretes enzymes from the pancreas and liver. The gallbladder adds bile salts, which help emulsify the fats and the small intestine absorbs the fat into the bloodstream. Therefore, the digestive ____
a) glands
b) organ
c) system
d) tissue

The _________________ system is the LEAST involved when running a 100 meter race.
a) circulatory
b) muscular
c) reproductive
d) skeletal

The ___________________________ systems are responsible for obtaining and delivering oxygen for an organism to survive.
a) respiratory and muscular
b) digestive and circulatory
c) respiratory and digestive
d) circulatory and respiratory

One of the main functions of the skeletal system is to ___________________.
a) receives stimuli, integrates information, and directs the body
b) transports nutrients, gases, hormones, and wastes through the body
c) provides support for the body and protects delicate internal organs
d) provides mobility and controls the movement of materials through some organs

Most mammals have eyes that collect light rays and focus depending of different wavelength and intensities of light but they cannot see colors. T or F, most mammals differentiate colors.
a) True
b) False

A neuron is and efficient and rapid transmitter of neural signals. The brain, spinal cord and neuron are part of an elaborate communication system. However, the nervous system is NOT responsible for ______.
a) consciousness
b) the development of disease
c) vital life functions like breathing
d) voluntary response to the environment

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