Beginning Of Earth And Some Organelles Question Preview (ID: 34880)

CYB Biology First Week Material.

All are evidence of endosymbiosis except
a) mitochondria and chloroplasts are similar in size to bacteria
b) both organelles have a double membrane
c) both organelles have their own DNA and reproduce by themselves
d) they both have their own golgi apparatus

What are 3 things that a plant cell has that an animal cell does not?
a) chloroplasts, cell wall, large vacuole
b) ribosomes, cell wall, mitochondria
c) cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus
d) chloroplasts, ribosomes, large vacuole

What type of reproduction is binary fission?
a) asexual
b) bisexual
c) metrosexual
d) sexual

What type of cell has ribosomes?
a) only prokaryotes
b) only eukaryotes
c) both prokaryotes and eukaryotes
d) neither

What type of reproduction requires a lot more energy?
a) sexual
b) metrosexual
c) asexual
d) bisexual

Which type of sexual reproduction leads to genetic variation
a) bisexual
b) asexual
c) metrosexual
d) sexual

What type of reproduction reproduces exact copies
a) sexual
b) metrosexual
c) asexual
d) bisexual

What type of sexual reproduction only needs one parent
a) sexual
b) asexual
c) metrosexual
d) bisexual

What energy molecule does photosynthesis make that we need?
a) fat/lipids
b) protien
c) carbs
d) creatine

What gas does photosynthesis make?
a) carbon dioxide
b) carbon monoxide
c) oxygen
d) nitrogen

Where do photoautotrophs get their energy from?
a) organic compounds
b) chemicals
c) heat
d) sunlight

Where do autotrophs get their carbon from?
a) carbon dioxide
b) carbon monoxide
c) methane
d) carbon trioxide

Which bacteria produced oxygen for the planet?
a) eubacteria
b) prokaryotes
c) eukaryotes
d) archaea

____________ bacteria came first because they could live in ________________ environments
a) archaea, extreme
b) eu, watery
c) archaea, watery
d) fungi, extreme

Which type of prokaryote lives in extreme environments
a) protists
b) eubacteria
c) archaeabacteria
d) fungi

Cells that do not have a nucleus are ____________
a) eukaryotic
b) animals
c) prokaryotic
d) mitochondria

Early Earth did not have what important gas?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) nitrogen
d) methane

The first living things on Earth were _________________
a) Prokaryotes
b) Eukaryotes
c) Fish
d) Birds

What does the mitochondria do?
a) package and send things
b) make energy using carbs and oxygen
c) make proteins
d) get rid of wastes

What do the ribosomes do?
a) make proteins
b) make energy using carbs and oxygen
c) get rid of wastes
d) package and send things

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