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Gravity Test Reivew.

Which of the following characteristics of a spaceship would change if it traveled to the moon?
a) Density
b) Weight
c) Mass
d) Volume

What characteristic remains constant regardless of a change in gravity?
a) Momentum
b) Weight
c) Mass
d) Speed

Which of the following objects has the greatest amount of gravitational force acting on Earth?
a) A golf ball
b) A bowling ball
c) An 8th grade student
d) A car

As the mass of an object increases, the amount of gravitational force it exerts
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Stays the same
d) Disappears

As the distance from an object increases, the amount of gravitational force felt by the object
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Stays the same
d) Disappears

Which planet has the strongest gravitational force ?
a) Earth
b) Mars
c) Jupiter
d) Pluto (dwarf planet)

What size planet would you expect to jump the highest on?
a) very small
b) small
c) average
d) large

Which of the following best restates how Earth’s gravitational force on an object depends upon the distance of the object from Earth?
a) the closer an object is to Earth, the less the attraction of gravity
b) the further two objects are from one another the greater the attraction
c) Earth’s gravitational force is proportional to its distance from the Sun
d) the further an object is from Earth, the less affect Earth’s gravity has on it

Which of the following is an example of how a scientist could help an engineer design and build a bridge?
a) test a model of the bridge
b) take photographs of existing bridges
c) discover what traffic patterns are in the city
d) find out what kinds of bridges people find attractive

Long ago people harnessed the energy in running water by using water wheels to turn a grinding stone. How has science influenced advances in this technology?
a) scientists discovered how to create electricity using moving water
b) scientists built dams that did not need moving water to create energy
c) scientists learned how running water could be changed into fossil fuels
d) scientists experimented with the force of gravity and found what causes it

How does understanding gravity help a chair designer?
a) the chair must be attractive enough for people to want to buy it
b) the chair must be strong enough to hold people’s weight
c) the chair must be made out of materials that are easy to find
d) the chair must be the same shape as other types of chairs

In physical Science, a push or pull is called a
a) motion
b) force
c) acceleration
d) inertia

Physicists measure the speed of a falling object and describe gravity in terms of speed. Biologists watch a plant seed grow and describe gravity in terms of an effect. Which scientist is correct?
a) the physicist, because they use math to describe the motion.
b) the biologist, because they describe gravity based on observations.
c) neither, gravity should be described a law.
d) both, they do not use the same words but have similar understandings.

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